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Ship launching airbag

Florescence ship rubber airbag comply with ISO 14409. ship airbag can be used to launch and upgrade a ship up to 100,000DWT. Comparing to the traditional slipway launching method, the ship launching airbags are much environmental, because ship airbag can launch a ship at any seaside, so there's no need to worry about the construction of launching facilities; besides, the marine airbag need little maintenance and can be used repeatedly.

To recommend you best airbag size - please answer the following questions:
1.   Type of vessel?
2.   LOA (length) of ship?
3.   Width of vessel?
4.   Vessel's actual launched weight (gravity weight)/weight without cargo?
5.   What is the vessel's DWT?
6.   Type of ground ship is built on? (Dirt, concrete, etc.)
7.   Depth in meters of the water where the ship first enters the water?
8.   What's the angle degree of slipway? (Land, not under water)
9.   Please provide the low/high tide schedule at site.
10. The working height? (The block stand height under the vessel)
11. Distance from bottom of propeller to the water level?
12. Distance from back of vessel (in dry dock) to the water entry point?
*If possible, please provide photos of the launch area 
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